I was treated to a stunning sunrise just as I was getting ready to leave Lorient. The day was promising to be sunny and warm, it didn’t deliver. The cloud got thicker and by mid morning I was motor sailing through heavy rain, it meant visibility wasn’t great for a lot of the day as well. I had left early to get the tide out of Lorient so at least it meant an early arrival and I was moored up by 4pm. Loctudy had a fishing fleet which the almanac said I needed to avoid entry between 1630 and 1830 although I did get one fishing boat pass me as I was coming into the harbor entrance, obviously he wanted an early night.


Sunrise in Lorient

I liked Loctudy, it was a medium sized marina and it was quite picturesque. There was a supermarket within walking distance and a rock festival was being held over the weekend I was there. I did get stuck longer than I thought as the Sunday in particular was not nice and I spent most of it in the cabin with the hatch closed whilst it rained and blew outside. Whilst I was there an English couple had introduced themselves as they had seen Gee N Tee and had owned a Trapper 500 a few years ago, I went for a drink with them on the last night I was there and it turned out they were heading in the same direction as me so I might see them again. It was a real change to have some company and have a natter about sailing.


On my way to Loctudy

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