I was sad to say goodbye to my family but wanted to move on and I needed to get to Cherbourg to meet my father to cross the channel. I left St Helier early in the morning to try and make the most of the north going current. After a brief wait in the outer marina with about half a dozen other yachts whilst we waited for the cargo ship to come into the commercial side of the port, I left and headed west along the bottom of Jersey. I had tried to get the tides right again and did a lot better, although it was much closer to get to St Peter’s port.


Looking back towards Jersey

The day was overcast mostly and the wind did pick up a little later in the morning but I was motor sailing most of the day. It was a fairly quick run to get into sight of Guernsey but I hadn’t been going fast enough to avoid all of the foul tide. I motored on through the last of miles making only about 3 knots until I rounded castle emplacement and made my way into the harbour in St Peter’s port. It seemed busy inside and I was wondering where to head to when a boat came out and a marina hand directed me to the visitors berth. I did have the choice of staying in the inner marina but access is restricted to the tide and I wanted to get going early in the morning. I got rafted up to a yacht with three guys who helped me get sorted. I was tired after the day and after dinner and a quick look around the harbour headed to bed, it was probably going to be a long day tomorrow as I was going to go through the Alderney race and make my way to Cherbourg.


Guernsey harbour and the view from my cockpit at the end of the day

As I was getting ready to head to my berth yachts kept coming in and by the time I went to bed I was completely boxed in, I hoped that the other yachts were planning on an early start as well.

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