I was up early getting ready to leave St Pete’s port but I wasn’t the first up by a long stretch, the yachts that had been boxing me in overnight started to pull out of the cramped visitors berths. By the time I’d finished my breakfast I had a clear exit to get out of the pontoons. Once I was clear of the marina I had thought I might head around the other side of Herm as the Little Russel Channel has a bad reputation, I was going through it at the right time with regards to the tide and when I got out of St Peter’s port the sea was calm so I headed north with the other yachts leaving at the same time.


I had company heading through the Little Russel Channel

The day was a little overcast but cleared up later in the morning and by the time I got to the Alderney race it was bright and warm. I had tried to get to the race at slack water but it was about 2 hours before. I can see why the race has a reputation and wouldn’t like to go through it against the tide or in bad weather. I was getting pushed along at around 6.5 knots with very little wind and the motor on. The surface of the water was covered with swirls and calm patches and little whirlpools dotted about. I was glad to be through it even though shortly after the tide started to change.


The Barfleur on it’s way to Poole

I was resigned to a late finish but instead the wind built and before long I was sailing in a 14 knot wind at around 4 knots SOG, considering the tide was probably pushing me in the opposite direction at around 1.5 – 2 knots I was making very good progress even if it was hard work. I passed the end of the outer breakwater at around 18:30 with two ferries passing me shortly after on their way to Ireland and England.

The marina itself is quite big and on the outer marina wall it stated that a boat my size should head to pontoon K. I motored up and down the marina trying to find the right pontoon but couldn’t for the life of me see it. I downloaded a map and finally found the right spot but it was full. After checking with the office I ended up on pontoon N and finally had a sit down. It was about 47 miles from St Peter’s port which I had covered in about 10 hours, which wasn’t too bad.

Around Cherbourg, A replica Spanish Galleon and the dry dock near the marina

I had made sure I was ok on the pontoon for 3 nights as my father would be arriving tomorrow in the afternoon and the weather the day after didn’t look too great for crossing the channel to Poole.

I met my father at the ferry terminal and we had a couple of days to walk around town next to the marina and also pop to the hypermarket a couple of times before we left. We both liked the marina and the town and it was a nice place to have my last couple of days in France.

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