I walked my Dad most of the way to the coach station and said goodbye and was again on my own. It was the last day for now I would be sailing and I was a little bit sad but mostly glad I could stop and also get to see Lara and Seth again. The weather was a little unsettled and after it started raining I got my waterproofs on thinking that I would be in for a wet day, five minutes later I was taking them off again because I was too hot. The weather for the rest of the day was dry if a bit overcast.


The Spinnaker Tower and the entrance to Cowes

It felt a little odd travelling along the English coast rather than France or Spain and I seemed to get less waves from other boats than I was used too, maybe the marina prices made everyone grumpy. I made good progress motor sailing and with the tide pushing me I was making over 6 knots most of the time. I hadn’t really spent much time sailing in the Solent but i’d forgotten how busy it was with ferries and boats heading in all directions, like France there were a few yachts that didn’t seem to want to change course. It didn’t really get any quieter once I was past Cowes and Portsmouth habour entrance was fairly hectic with several boats overtaking me on the entrance although once I was past Gosport marina I was more or less on my own again.


Gee N Tee could finally have a rest

WicorMarine is near Fareham and quite a distance from the entrance to Portsmouth and the wind had picked up by the time I approached the pontoons. There was no walk ashore pontoons at the marina which lowered the price slightly and since I would be away from the boat for most of the time it would be here I wasn’t that bothered. With a bit of help from another yachtie that was working on his boat I found my assigned berth and was blown onto the pontoon without too much bother. My friend Steve very kindly picked me up the next day and drove me all the way back to Wales.



Rowing back to Gee N Tee and at the end of the last day.


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