It was over, I had completed the trip from the South coast, through the French canals, through the Mediterranean, around the Iberian peninsula and back across the channel. It hadn’t been the trip that we had planned years ago and I had done nearly 3000 miles of solo sailing. Some had been more enjoyable, the canals in France are fantastic and sailing the Spanish coast in the Mediterranean was amazing. This years trip had been hard, I think the hardest thing I have ever done, with miles and miles of headwind and some really big days. The whole trip had been epic and I doubted I would ever do it again, I doubted I would want to on a boat like Gee N Tee.

The trip had shown me some amazing parts of France, Spain and Portugal and with very few exceptions the reception I got from marina staff and everyone I dealt with was superb. The level of English spoken puts my attempts at Spanish to shame but it certainly made things a lot easier for me. The boat had done so well even though things had been breaking and I would need to spend some time to sort them out, the little 8hp engine, installed when the boat was built in 1977, seemed to be ready to run forever though.

For now it was back to family life and sorting out work and a thousand other things I needed to get sorted that had been put on hold whilst I was messing about on a boat. Thanks to everyone for reading these blogs, I have enjoyed writing most of them and when I didn’t the thought of people ready for the next installment of the journey was enough to get me to keep them up to date. I now have a full day-by-day account of the trip which I can look back at in years to come.


Home for good




4 thoughts on “Home

  1. So glad you have made it safely home. We have enjoyed your adventures, especially as we know the boat. Our love and best wishes to Lara and baby Seth. Xxxl Liz and Mike


  2. Well done Ian!
    What an amazing achievement.Love the photo montage, especially the last one !
    Your blogs will be something wonderful to share with Seth when he is old enough.
    Love from Esme and Judith


  3. F A N T A S T I Q U E !! – you have fulfilled a DREAM… – but NOW… …, back to REALITY… … – I’m sure both LARA and SETH have been eagerly awaiting your return!!!
    All the very best to the whole family!
    All our love, John & Judy.


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