A few notes from Dublin

Due to a stag do I found myself heading over to Holyhead and getting the ferry over to Dublin for a couple of nights in the fair city. I was there a day earlier than the rest of the party so had a night on the town on my own to have a look around and chill out as I have been really busy the last few months. The ride there wasn’t too bad, setting off was in mist and cold but it soon warmed up and by the time I got into Wales I was making good time and enjoying myself. The roads in North Wales probably aren’t that great for cars as there’s a lot of normal road with no dual carriage way but for a bike it’s great, I ended up getting to Holyhead and the ferry a little early and had a nice crossing over to Dublin. I meant to get a picture of the bike strapped into the ferry but completely forgot in my excitement…

Above was the only bit of “crap” I had all weekend, I parked the bike in the bin/bicycle storage which was open to the sky but more secure than the street. When I got out of the hostel, which in all other respects was really nice and even gave you breakfast (as much toast, fruit juice and coffee/tea as you wanted) and there was a nice American guy in my dorm that had nasty feet but was really interested in what I was up to, I found the above on my seat. It was wet. It was green. It soaked through toilet paper like no pooh should.

After cleaning my seat I was off to the airport to meet the guys (everyone else had got the plane, wusses), Karting and then much guinessness into the small hours. Was a very cool, if expensive, weekend. The ride back was not so great and much of it in the dark once I got off the ferry but I couldn’t really complain for this time of year.