I think it was because I had been so tired that I slept reasonably well, it certainly wasn’t down to the weather. The wind shifted not long after I had dropped the anchor and the swell built soon after until the boat was bouncing nicely. I was certainly heading for a marina tonight and because I had got a bit further than I had planned yesterday I decided to aim for Almerimar as it had a good right up in the book (the RCC Pilotage for the Costas that is, which has become my bible).


I have been surprised how clear the water has been in some of the places I have been and it was certainly clear here, last night I had been able to see the bottom 5m down and even this morning after all that swell I could see the anchor chain curving off in to the distance. Having heaved the hook up I set off. Another boat had been a little way off, I assumed doing the same as me, and again I was just behind them, lazy yachtie that I am. Again they slowly gained over the course of the day until they disappeared from view.

By the time I started to get closer to Almerimar marina the wind and swell had built again and I was making good progress, although again it was hard work being on the tiller for so long without a break. By the time I got to the entrance to Almerimar I was bouncing around and was glad of the help when I pulled up to the fuel pontoon to get signed in.


The marina was nice but not the best, I was glad that I was well tucked in, between blocks of flats, so that I had a very peaceful night once the restaurant in front of the boat had closed. As Lara will tell you I am not that fussy but the toilets didn’t even meet my low standards: no lock, a saloon type door and no paper. I was pretty tired when I arrived however so only had a brief look around and there were some nice looking restaurants around the place. I again hoped for a more peaceful day tomorrow.