And a merry xmas to you too.

So it turned out to be the coldest winter in 30 years and I was in some of the heaviest snow fall in that winter. I missed some of it by a day or two but when I got up to Scotland for the wedding I was caught in the middle of it. Lovely scenery for the photos but not for me. When I got out to the bike in the morning after the wedding it was under about a foot of snow. When I got back I wrote into Superbike magazine to tell then about the long trip including a photo, lo and behold they printed my letter in the mag!

The trip was the longest I have done so far through the worst weather I have been through. Temparatures were down to below freezing, wind chill on the bike was below -20 on some days, meaning I could only do about 50 miles at a time without stopping. The snow at the wedding meant I got blocked in and had to go to Edinburgh and then Glasgow to get onto the motorway, between the scottish cities is where I couldn’t stop due to solid ice on the road and had to ditch in the snow bank in the slow lane. Even with a clear motorway later on, service stations were a nightmare as there was solid compacted snow, slush or holes and the front wheel was all over the place. By the time I got to Wales I was really tired and overall my 10 days off didn’t feel like much of a break. Still it proves i’m not a fair weather rider…