Boat N Bike

This site is to put some of passions into words and pictures so that others can enjoy. It also gets me to sort everything out and put it in one place. As the title suggests two of my loves in life are and have been boats, in the shape of Yachts and bikes of every form, more “two wheeled things” to be fair. I have divided the site into two to make it easier for me to deal with as well as making more sense. My current trip is under the blog link.




2 thoughts on “Boat N Bike

  1. Great to meet you both at Fragnes this morning and only sorry you didn’t stay longer so that we could have a drink together. good luck at Chalon and your wintering in Macon.

    Lots of love Rosemarie and Bob


    1. Great to meet you both too and thanks for all the advice. Chalon visitors pontoon had plenty of space and we are staying for 2 days to have a look around. Hope you stay warm this winter! Love Ian & Lara


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