So why boats? I had been sailing a couple of times when I was a kid and spent a few holidays rowing a little dinghy around but apart from that there wasn’t much to do with boats whilst I was growing up. It started off really when I was sat in my pokey flat in Oxfordshire earning bugger all money and paying a massive portion of that to a landlord. I thought “how can I change this” no seeing any way to earn a huge amount of money in the near future I would have to change the way I was living, how to own my own place without buying a house, which I couldn’t afford. So what to do? I had been talking to my Dad and he had bought himself a yacht recently after not having any history and was happily sailing away, so why couldn’t I? It would mean a much more exciting home than a house and would also mean i could change my surroundings.

Learning to Sail

Boat Maintenance

“Gee N Tee” My Trapper 500

Marinas and Mooring


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