Chrome work

I know the Virago wasn’t a new bike but trying to keep all the chrome polished and looking nice was a nightmare. Some of the bits were corroded and the crank cases had lost their finish (apparently very common for Viragos like mine) but after spending a couple of hours on it I could still make it look shine and did get the odd compliment from people. To get it to shine like it does above I used a lot of autosol and an old sock wrapped around a drill bit. The problem is getting into all teh little nooks and cranies without taking the bike to part completely. I think it’s what non bikers think a bike should look like. I’m surprised I could get it to shine the way it does at the moment considering all the rain that I have been through over the last few months. One things for sure I am going to have to give it a really good polish in the spring when the winter’s over. I think the next bike I have should have a fairing. A nice warm cosey fairing with an open hearth fire and a comfy chair 😉