Le Havre Marina

Overall I liked Le Havre and the marina. There are two visitors pontoons, O and P the latter must have been put in recently as it wasn’t in the 2016 Reeds. If you have a choice go for O as you might get a bit of shelter, there are some big ships going past the entrance and even though there is a breakwater the wash manages to really throw the pontoons about at times. The staff at the marina generally spoke good English, the office isn’t open 24/7 though and there’s a key pad to the pontoons and the showers that need separate codes. The toilets and showers were OK, not amazingly clean and the showers need a token, 1.50 Euros a time. It’s a bit of a walk from the pontoons to the shower block too so timing is of the essence. Le Havre itself has most things, some nice restaurants and shops, there’s a supermarket about 1/3 of a mile away and a big shopping mall about 1.5 miles away (Dock Vauban) with a supermarket and chain clothes shops. Overall I would have been happy to stay longer as there was still things to do and the weather was great when we were there. For Gee N Tee at 8.3 metres it was about 25 euros a night. Wifi, which was a good speed for a marina, was free as was electric and water.