MOT Failure :-(

8 counts of failure. Oh crap.

A couple of them I think the guy would have let go and the fact that the rear brake was below the legal limit of pad meant it was a failure (it is working fine however).

What failed I hear you ask, well if I could hear anything over the top of my own swearing.

1. Brake light doesn’t come on staright away when the pedal is pressed. (Now fixed and was the result of the swicth becoming slightly siezed and sticking)

2. Cable snagging on the fork when you turn left. Will be sorted with a cable tie.

3. Loose left foot peg. This was a tenuous failure point at best (Now tightended).

4. Front tyre low on tread. As I then pointed out it wasn’t at the markers and I had planned on replacing this soon, I’m not some chav monkey who runs on bald tyres (not any more anyway). See what you think:

5. This one had me confused at first as it said the back tyre was showing cord or low on tread and I only had it replaced abotu 6 weeks ago. It was actually another nail. 3 in a month, surely that must be my years quota? These last two points will get sorted when I got to the tyre place tomorrow.

6. Headlight aim, nothing major and the guy said they would do it when I went back in. I thought it was probably off.

7. Rear brake pads low, I was going to replace them before the MOT but just didn’t have the time. They were working fine though so thought it might go through.

8. The end can. Oh dear. This was the single thing that pissed me off about the whole MOT, the fact that he failed the end can because it said that it wasn’t for road use even though it isn’t loud at all. I have just put an order in for a brand new end can, it will look lovely but I didn’t really want to spend £150 on my exhaust when there wasn’t anything wrong with it.

Hopefully I will be back on the road again in a week or so depending on how long the end can takes to arrive. Thankfully I am only on short hours this week so it gives me a bit of extra time to get it sorted although getting to work is going to be a real problem.