New bike

So anyway after I sold the virago I started looking around at what I would get as it looked like there were a few problems with Dad’s Suzuki and I was going to be stuck without transport. I started reading around as I wanted something bigger that would sit at 80mph on the motorway without rattling my teeth out. In the end, after watching some VFR800s go for silly money I came across the humble ZX9R. I think it’s a combination of a few things that make the older Ninja less desirable to most people, Kawasaki updated it to the 10R a few years after mine was made, it’s heavy compared to other bikes in it’s class of the same age and it’s not a ‘blade. I wasn’t bothered though, the general consensus was that it was more of a sports tourer than a sports bike which was fine by me as I would be making a big step anyway from the virago to a 900cc sporty bike. After watching and even bidding on a few on ebay I got a lovely one in black that was a relatively short distance away in Hereford for £1300.

I got the train to Hereford on a Tuesday night after work. I was really nervous, it was a big bike and i had found out after I bought it that it would put out an amazing 145bhp and get to 175mph. What had I done? This thing was an animal.

The guy I bought it from was a nice chap and picked me up from the station and took me back to the house where the bike was. When I first saw it I was amazed by it’s physical size. It was HUGE compared to my little old Virago. Exchanging the money and documents quickly I rolled it down the drive (I was too nervous to ride it straight off) and swing my leg over. The only thing that I kept thinking was “just get round the first corner without stalling or making a tit of yourself” just to get out of the sight of the guy as I had told him that my old bike had been a Virago and I think he was a bit surprised that I had bought the Ninja.

So I got round the first bend and round the next. Stopping to catch my breath and get my nerves back under control. That done I set off, getting out of Hereford I go to the first national speed limit sign and thought to myself “let’s see what we can do then….. OH MY GOD”. With a quick twist of my wrist I was away, 30 to 60 in a few seconds with a massive smile on my face. This was an amazing machine!

I took the ride back to Reading fairly easy, I didn’t want to mess up on my first run out and it was late and dark. I was certain I would be out on it tomorrow….