New Years Eve Blues

As I have done a few times before I went into London for NYE for this year to see a mate and also go out to a club to celebrate the new year in. As usual I rode my bike into London and parked in the usual spot as I had done a dozen times before. When I walked past with my mate and his girlfriend heading for the club five hours later, the bike was on it’s side in the bike parking bay, clutch lever, indicators and screen all broken and that was just the obvious stuff. Not a great way to start the new year but I didn’t let it stop me having a good night out after my mate had helped me get the bike back up on the side stand. After thinking about it for a bit I think a car had reversed into it, whether the driver had been pissed or not I don’t know but it was certainly some crap driving. It’s a busy street so they musn’t have either cared or realised. I reported it to the police but didn’t think anything would come of it. New Years Day saw me riding back from London in an RAC van thinking of how long it would take me to fix all the bits and get it back on the road.