Over the bar

Distance covered: 13NM

Prevalent Wind: SSW

Rough Average Wind Speed: 14 knots

And so the bank holiday weekend swung around and we were ready to get out again, both feeling a bit tired as the previous weekend had been spent at a music festival in Germany. Unperturbed though and after a longer lie in than intended we unhooked the mooring lines and pulled out of the berth, this time without a single swear word from yours truly. As usual we motored out into Emsworth channel and carried on under motor past Hayling Island sailing club and over Chichester Bar. This was a missing in itself as there were the usual races on with so many boats my mind was again trying to work out the col regs for a dozen boats at the same time.

Before we left the marina I had already taken off the sail cover and half of the sail ties, Lara took a turn on the tiller whilst I loosened the rest and hoisted the sail. I had already sprayed the track for the sail three times with Silicone grease and the first half went up without any problems, the rest was difficult and there was about 3 inches that just wouldn’t go to the top, the reefing lines were also tight, making for a slightly baggy sail.

So with the main up I unfurled the Genoa and killed the engine. First time under proper sail. I wasn’t about to  win any races but it was awesome. Lara was a bit nervous as we hadn’t been out past the bar or this far from land before. I made a few tacks and jibes running east and west just trying to get used to the feel of her. There was only one accidental jibe all day which wasn’t too bad as once I stopped messing about in the Solent and turned from home the wind was almost directly behind us. To make it easier on me and a nice calm sail back I took the jib in and just used the mainsail. We sailed along at a nice calm 3.5 knots all the way up the Emsworth channel, finally taking down the main when we were in site of the entrance to Northney.

We had run through mooring again on our way in, the fenders were back on the sides and we were coming in slower than I had done ever before, even then we missed the mooring line on the stern and managed to rub fenders with the boat next door. Still it was a lot better than it had been and I really felt like we were starting to get the hang of it. Overall a fantastic day out and finally got to do some proper sailing.