Saying goodbye to the Virago

The exahaust has ben slowly getting worse over the last few months and although it passed it’s test it’s now bad enough that it would fail. I have checked out new exhaust prices and it’s hideous, at least £250 to £300 for a second hand one from ebay and a new one is aover £400. I thought the bike was only worth about £800 so it’s just not going to be worth it, especially as I want a change.

After I rode to Wales and back I though decided that it would be best to get it on ebay and get it sold. The pictures that I got of it made it look great and I would have been happy with anything over £600, after all I only paid £1040 for it from ebay nearly 2 years before and I had put a lot of miles on it since then.

I was surprised when it got to £600 and really happy when it went over £800 and when it finally went for £1030 I was amazed. There were better examples of the bike on ebay and I had made all the bad points clear about the bike, including the exhaust. I was just worried that they wouldn’t pay up and it would have to go back on ebay. As it was two Polish guys turned up with a van and paid up and then off it went. I was a little sad to see it go as it had been a really good first bike but it did leave me free to get something else, something a little faster and that would cope with long distance better.