Switch Panel

Looking back at the survey that we had done before we bought Gee N Tee I think the state of the electrics was played down or just missed. I was more or less forced to upgrade most of it, I wanted to install a lot of new stuff and just couldn’t do it with this mess:


Let alone the fire hazard that this was causing. I can’t begin to have a go at the above, there’s just too much there. Moving on.

So I looked around on the internet and obviously ended up on my favorite place for spares: ebay. I wanted to have all the fuses on the boat the same as much as possible and also be able to get hold of a new fuse cheaply and easily so I went with blade fuses, the same as you get in cars. I settled on a switch panel from Axon, it was a bit pricey at £50 but looked easy to fit and was what I needed, I had been tempted to go with a circuit breaker version but glad I didn’t as you can guarantee that the amps wouldn’t be right, fuses gave me the option of having anything on any switch.

Here’s the 12 switch panel along with the 6 switch version which I installed later on after running out of room on the first panel.


After wiring in the switches I was able to make the back of the panel look much neater:


If i could have left it like that it would have been awesome, unfortunately I had a ton of stuff to add: chartplotter, solar panel, AIS, VHF splitter, cockpit light, heater, NAVTEX…. the list went on. Not to mention the fact that I wanted to split up some of the lights that had been clumped together. So after all the above I ended up with this:


I have a new bus bar to go in to spread the negative contacts out a bit, the fuse block on the right is for things with their own switch, the small bus bar in the right centre was the old NMEA 0183 before I swapped to Raymarine Seatalk. Once I finish up I will cable tie all that rubbish down. So still some work to do but it’s getting there and at the moment everything is working that should be.