MOT Pass!

Heard this morning that all my work was not in vain and they have passed the bike on the retest. There were a couple of things that I was worried about, I didn’t think the rear brake was as good as it could be and after going to the expense and hassle (I had to get it delivered to my old work and then pick it up by bicycle) of buying a new exhaust I then find out that the exhaust that is on there isn’t a standard one and the link pipe is welded in place, the end of which is too large to fit the new end can. I will probably keep the new end can though as it was cheap (relatively) and the bike will probably need some new downpipes before too long anyway, hence a new link pipe and end can. So how did I get the exhaust through the MOT? I just ground the writing off. I think I made a fairly good job of it considering I only had a grinding stone in on the end of my drill. Not sure if it’s going to rust now I have taken the finish of, i will wait and see. At least it solves my immediate problems of getting to work and back without a long and expensive train journey.